Exclusive CD!


An exciting CD, unique on the Internet to this website, is available. This collection is a strict limited edition run - the tracks have never been released on CD before.


‘Thank you Captain Miller’ has been compiled by Anne’s niece and comprises rare material including Anne’s own ‘V’ disc recording of a 30-minute broadcast (in which she was the guest artist) of ‘The American Band of the Supreme Allied Command’ under the direction of Captain Glenn Miller.  The broadcast went out on 27th July 1944.


Also on the CD, Anne sings songs from her own collection and there is a recording of Anne’s younger sister, Jo Shelton, singing, “If there are stars in my eyes”.


Plus the 1944 broadcast of Bing Crosby and Anne singing a duet of ‘Easter Parade’.


Then to finish off this amazingly unique CD, there are three better known tracks – ‘Cross over the Bridge’, ‘Village of St Bernadette’ and a song that she sang in the film ‘Yanks’ – ‘I’ll Get By’.




1-7)     The American Band of the Supreme

Allied Command with Capt. Glenn Miller

8)                  Don’t Misunderstand – Anne Shelton

9)                  I fall in love with you every day – Anne Shelton

10)              Time May Change – Anne Shelton

11)              Take Off The Coat – Anne Shelton

12)              Siberia – Anne Shelton

13)              I Ain’t Got Nobody – Anne Shelton

14)              Easter Parade –Bing Crosby and Anne Shelton

15)              If There Are Stars In My Eyes – Jo Shelton

16)              Village of St Bernadette – Anne Shelton

17)              Cross Over The Bridge – Anne Shelton

18)              I’ll Be Seeing You – Anne Shelton




UPDATE: The 'Thank You Captain Miller' CD has been a roaring success and has quickly established itself as a truly unique collectors item. We only have a few more copies available for avid Anne Shelton fans and you will need to contact us directly to secure one.


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 We will deal with your order as soon as possible, please allow 14 days for delivery and e-mail us if you have any queries.








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